Meet Jen | Magdalene Photography

I’m Jen and I am the artist behind the lens at 
Magdalene Photography.

I am a mom,  a wife,  a creator,  an adventurer,  treasure hunter,  lover of rock and roll,  an avid foodie,  and the luckiest girl in the world …

because I am a teller of stories.

From the smallest stories just beginning to love stories decades old, every new story that comes my way is my new favorite. 

I find joy in helping people – whether it’s seeing kids find the love of art or helping women find their beauty in brokenness, showing the most self-conscious person how incredibly gorgeous they are, there is something rewarding in being able to help others along the way. 

I love parenting my daughters. Listening to them laugh and make memories that will be the story of their childhood and watching them experience the wonder of the world around them – I could literally spend every moment of every day soaking up the experience of being their mom. They push me beyond all of the things I ever thought I was capable of, and shown me the perfection in imperfection. I’ve been married for 10 years (yes, a whole decade) to my best friend.

I  am a treasure hunter. I love old antique stores and finding odd things made in Wisconsin. I love connecting with people and hearing the stories behind the objects I find, or seeing the potential in what so many others consider trash. There is something magical about transforming a treasure. 

I love exploring new towns. There are so many amazing humans in our world, and so many things we can learn from them along the way. 



I’d love to hear your story, too.

Meet Jen