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Green Bay Wausau Engagement Pictures | Erica & Casey

With these two living in Colorado, having their wedding in Wausau at the Willow Springs Garden and driving to me for engagement pictures I am pretty lucky they aren’t afraid of a little road trip. We explored six different hidden gems north of Green Bay towards Crivitz. Each had a unique feel and light that was just right that day.

To be completely honest, having your picture taken is scary and sometimes downright awkward and uncomfortable. I get it. Have you seen my “about me” picture? Pretty sad. Although like I said, I get it. This is why I work with each couple to bring out their funny side, their loving side and their dancing skills. Yes, you will dance and it will be awkward and we will all laugh but I am serious when I say most times those are the images that are the favorites. All of the moments below did not just magically happen. In fact many times the both of them looked and me and thought “she wants me to do what?” but I am telling you taking pictures is the easy part, its getting just the right moments and guiding each couple through the process laughing, giggling and a little awkwardness.

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