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I shot her for me | Midwest Wedding Photographer

Yes, you read that right. I shot her for me. It may sound odd to some but as a photographer it is a sense of awakening. As a creative you are always told, create art for you. Do what you love.

Although, the journey making wedding photography my career I had the mindset to work, work and work harder.

There are days of struggle and I think. How can I grow and be a better me? Will it ever get better than today?  How many boxes of thin mint cookies did I have this week? Oh, my kitty looks like it needs to be snuggled. Haha! Really, true life.

In the end I have to admit this life is pretty kick ass. To be completely honest, I have had more “pinch me” moments in the last year than I could ever imagine.

That brings me to Jessie. At the time I photographed her I felt in a place of needing a creative outlet. To literally design and create this shoot just for me. With the help of some amazing Wisconsin Wedding vendors, Flora Flowershop, A&A Artistry and I Do Bridal it all came together.  An extra thank you to Helen at Flora Flowershop. Not only did she let us explore her beautiful property in Sister Bay, she also embraced my creative vision. What I love about Helen is no idea was not considered. From lending us the broach for Jessie’s veil to helping me style it just right.

More to come next week from this shoot.





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