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The Unexpected Surprise | An xoBeautiful Follow Up

xoBeautiful Surprise Reveal 3


First things first, this beautiful lady didn’t tell her husband she was taking part in the xoBeautiful project. We worked together to create something awesome for him, complete with gorgeous prints of her favorite images. When she sent me this, I just knew I had to share it because I cannot be the only woman she makes cry with how wonderful this is. She tells this story better than I do, though, so I’ll hush up and let her take the lead.


I planned a whole day of surprises from massages, driving range, hotel, comedy club, etc…so this was to be the last surprise of the day.

We had a GREAT meal at the Landing in Menominee. After our meal was finished and the bill was paid I figured now is the best time to roll this out. I was a little nervous which I didn’t expect to be. What if he totally didn’t get it?

Absentmindedly I gave Ryan my phone to show him the blog post first. As he was reading the initial intro before my pictures on the blog I sat there thinking about how I just positioned myself with no phone…no camera to get his reaction. But when he looked up with eyes full of tears I got the surprise!! I did not think he would’ve gotten swept up in emotion but he did!! I was SO flattered by my husband response. Not only did that day make me feel special but I got the double whammy of my husband making me feel like a princess too.

He LOVES them all and can’t even believe I was able to do all this without him knowing. It wasn’t easy keeping it quiet but it was very worth it. Thank you for this entire experience that has come all the way through to the end. I’ll treasure this forever.

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Maggie’s husband and little guy, Thank you for putting such a huge smile on my face!
Maggie and her husband Ryan! As well a super cool collage of the images Maggie put together from her session.

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