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Lori | xoBeautiful project | Unique Wisconsin Wedding Venues

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I’m excited to introduce Lori, our ninth xoBeautiful project reveal. Lori was photographed at one of the most unique Wisconsin Wedding Venues: The Galloway House in Fond du Lac.


Lori’s Story:

I am beyond excited to participate in this shoot because although my wedding photos were beautiful….and I love every one of them, I was extremely sick on my wedding day and was not able to enjoy getting
photos done like every bride should. I was more excited to get out of the cold and lay down for a while then I was to actually get our pictures taken.


As you may remember from my first post, I mentioned that I had loved ones fill out a fun survey about each lady. Lori’s Husband, Caleb filled this one out for her.

Describe her in 4 words or less: Passionate, beautiful, genuine, caring

Why do you feel she needs this day to feel beautiful and be a model for the day? She is constantly looking out for and trying to help others. She deserves to have a day to look and feel as great as she is, and for her to feel as special as it was on her wedding day.

When were you most proud of her? She finished the Belin Run by herself

Does she have any hidden talents/funny personality traits? Whenever someone mentions cupcakes or some other sweet, she always acts like a a little squirrel eating with a huge smile on her face
What makes her special?

She genuinely loves everyone she meets. She has a huge heart for people and the relationships with friends and family.

What do you wish for her in life? Happiness in a Christ centered life.

What is her dream job? Stay at home mom

Does she have any nicknames? My precious, sweet split pea

Describe a funny memory or moment about her. Whenever we have a tickle fight and I give up, she holds her hands up like Rocky Balboa and screams “I am the champion!”

If she could spend a day with any actor/actress for the day who would it be and why? There are so many, but I would say Ellen DeGeneres, because she loves people just as much, loves to dance, and is very funny.

If she could spend a day with any band/musical artist who would it be and why? Adam Levine, need I say more?


And of course, I wanted to hear all the details from her day.

We were married Dec 28th, 2013. I had come down with a respiratory infection a few days prior so the day is a bit of a blur….I fell asleep when they did my hair (and hated it) and just wanted to be able to lay down before the ceremony. Our ceremony was held at the Green Bay Community church and officiated by a close friend of ours. We had a small lunch with everyone after the ceremony to celebrate with our family and friends. My husband  Caleb is in the military and had to leave a few days after the wedding and would be gone for 4 months, so we decided to do dinner just the two of us at Black & Tan Grille that way we could enjoy just each other while we had the chance. Aside from how sick I was, it was a lovely day and I wouldn’t change one bit of it.


what is xoBeautiful | see all xoBeautiful project posts

Venues : The Galloway House, Fond du Lac, WI | Hair Accessories: Sunshine Couture | Vintage Accessories: Thrifty Treasures, Peshtigo, Wisconsin | Wedding Dress: Tie The Knot, Green Bay, Wisconsin

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