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Kortney | xoBeautiful project | Egg Harbor Wisconsin Resorts

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I’m excited to introduce Kortney, our fourth xoBeautiful project reveal. Kortney was photographed at the a gorgeous Egg Harbor Wisconsin Resort.


Kortney’s Story

I have always been the girl who dreamed about her wedding dress. I would watch (and still do) Say Yes to the Dress on TLC. I would dream about what my wedding dress would look like. I spent countless days shopping with my mom, sister, friends, cousins, and aunts. When I finally found “the one,” I was beyond excited. It was elegant, sparkled in all the right places, and made me feel like a bride. I immediately called my fiance and shared the news with him. I knew it was “the one,” and never looked back. I could not wait until the moment where my fiance would see me in the dress. I will never forget the tears in his eyes the moment he saw me. I don’t think I have ever felt more beautiful than that very moment. The dress made me feel so beautiful on my wedding day, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to get to wear it again and showcase its beauty.


As you may remember from my first post, I mentioned that I had loved ones fill out a fun survey about each lady. Kortney’s husband, Matthew filled this one out for her.

Describe her in 4 words or less: Caring, Beautiful, Loving, Intelligent

Why do you feel she needs this day to feel beautiful and be a model for the day? I do no think Kortney needs this day to feel beautiful. I believe she is excited for this photo shoot because she gets the opportunity to put her dress back on, and in an essence relive a part of our special day.

When were you most proud of her? There is not one specific time period that I can honestly say I have been most proud of Kortney. This is because to this day she continues to impress me and make me more proud of her than I have ever been before.

Does she have any hidden talents/funny personality traits? Kortney is very dedicated to working out and staying fit. Along with working out on her own, she attends at least one yoga and one fitness class each week. Oddly enough, although she is very devoted to staying in shape, Kortney has a love for sweets that is rivaled by none!

What makes her special? Kortney’s personality is by far the attribute that makes her most special. Although she is beautiful on the outside, on the inside she is the most loving, intelligent, silly person I have ever met. She has the ability to make a person smile on the worst of days, and her passion for life / adventurous attitude are what make being around her such a pleasant experience.

What do you wish for her in life? What I wish for Kortney most in life is complete happiness and satisfaction. My goal is to make sure she is well taken care of and is 100% happy with every aspect of her life.

What is her dream job? Since the first day I met Kortney, her dream job was to be a nurse. I can proudly say that because of her strong work ethic and intelligence she has achieved that goal and is currently working as a public health nurse.

Does she have any nicknames? Kortsterz (Although I am still not sure how this came about)

Describe a funny memory or moment about her. Although I have many funny memories of Kortney, I think one of my favorites would have to be when we were first getting to know each other. For whatever reason whenever we would cross paths Kortney would always pretend like she did not see me (even though it was clear as day she did), and then after a few minutes would pass she would then text and say she didn’t know I was there.

If she could spend a day with any band/musical artist who would it be and why? Ke$ha! Kortney has had an obsession with her ever since college.


And of course, I wanted to hear all the fun details from her wedding!

 I got married August 2, 2014. We were married at my hometown church, St. Nicholas Church in Freedom, WI. Our reception was then at Cobblestone Creek in Brillion, WI. Our wedding day was beautiful. The sun was shining. There was not a cloud in the sky. My fiance and I made a pact we would not call or text each other the day of (which was extremely hard!). I got ready with my bridesmaids, mom, and soon to be mother-in-law. Everyone was so excited and it was great to spend some girl time before the day got busy. Surprisingly, I was so at peace the day of my wedding. I just knew this was going to be the best day of my life, and nothing was going to change that. It turned out greater than I could have ever imagined. I spent the day saying “husband” as many times as I could. We ate, drank, and danced the night away. To have all of our closest friends and family in one room was something I will never forget. Now, I can’t wait to celebrate our one year anniversary later this year and many, many more to come!


what is xoBeautiful | see all xoBeautiful project posts

Venues : Door County Waterfront Homes | Flowers: Blossoms of Door County | Wedding Dress: Bridal Elegance, Kaukauna, Wisconsin | Accessories: Sunshine Couture

Kortney’s xoBeautiful project set in one of Door County’s Wisconsin Wedding venues at a fabulous Egg Harbor Wisconsin Resorts

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