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Kayla | xoBeautiful project | Door County Wedding Locations

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I’m excited to introduce Kayla, our fifth xoBeautiful project reveal. Kayla was photographed at one of the most gorgeous Door County Wedding Locations.


Kayla’s Story in her words why she wanted to be involved in the xoBeautiful project:

As a new mom to our beautiful daughter Scarlett, she naturally consumes most of my time! My appearance has taken a backseat most days since she comes first now. At work I’m in scrubs and at home I’m in yoga pants… if it’s a dressy day 🙂 I was so excited for this opportunity to have some “me” time getting pampered and feeling like a hot mama! I felt like a celebrity. I am amazed at what my body has done in the last year and a half, and I’m pretty proud to be able to fit into my dress at 5 months postpartum. Of course, I love my wedding dress and never thought there’d be another time for me to wear it. At one point I considered doing a “Trash The Dress” session but couldn’t bear to ruin something so meaningful. When I saw Jen’s post, I thought this would be perfect. I immediately applied in my sleep-deprived state of new motherhood! Thank you so much to the selfless Jen and her amazing team for truly capturing inner and outer beauty and for making me realize I am still the same person I always was, I’m just also Scarlett’s mom now. And that sure is the best feeling in the world.



As you may remember from my first post, I mentioned that I had loved ones fill out a fun survey about each lady. Kayla’s mother, Jane filled this one out for her.

Describe her in 4 words or less: Beautiful inside and out

When were you most proud of her? There are many….When she went on her potty chair for the first time, when she sat at that big grand piano on stage at her first piano recital, and most of all when she followed her heart and married the love of her life jake and of course seeing her become a mother and love so unconditionally.

Does she have any hidden talents/funny personality traits? Yes her hidden talents is sewing. She looks at something and can make it without a pattern. She is very crafty. Her funny personality traits is she still sleeps with her baby blanket wrapped around her head! And she buys the same thing in many colors. oh a bad trait is she always has “stuff” in her car like a dirty closet. She is not big on a clean car.

What makes her special? There isn’t just one thing. She has a loving heart and a good caring friend to her friends. She is a great and loving mother, and as her mother that is so special to see her with Scarlett. Oh and she is usually the life of the party with her friends

What do you wish for her in life? Gods blessings always and to be loved and healthy

What is her dream job? To be a professional shopper on someone else’s money

Does she have any nicknames? Lily

Describe a funny memory or moment about her: When she was five we were on vacation in Canada and she lost her first tooth and she was crying so hard because she was so afraid the tooth fairy wouldn’t find her in Canada


Ok, so this is where you NEED to Stop and read!!!! When Kayla shared her engagement and wedding story I cried. Full out running tears. It is so beautiful and a true fairytale.

Jake and I were married August 10, 2013 at First United Church of Christ in Green Bay, Wisconsin on a perfect summer afternoon. Our reception was at the beautiful Thornberry Creek Golf Club in Oneida. Every woman thinks her new husband is perfect however Jacob Underwood is nothing short of amazing. I have to share a little back-story preluding to our big day. It’s worth telling to really paint a picture of this awesome man I call my best friend. Back in December of 2012 he gave me the proposal every girl dreams of, what every parent wishes for their daughter to experience. While celebrating a fun weekend in Chicago as a Christmas present to each other, we were topping off the evening ice skating in Millennium Park. At 5:30 they made an announcement for everyone to get off the ice so the zamboni could come out. I started to skate off the rink, though Jake was loitering behind and I was embarrassed thinking we’d get yelled at. Suddenly over the loudspeaker I heard Blake Shelton sing “God Gave Me You” and Jake took my hand and said “Do you trust me?” I nodded as it was all becoming clear. He skated me to the middle of the rink, got down on one knee, and asked me to be his wife with hundreds of people gathered around cheering for us. I suddenly became an ice gymnast and was jumping around on my skates in glee. The perfect moment, though it gets so much better. He pointed up into the crowd and I realized both our families were there to share this moment with us. Then I got introduced to the lovely set of photographers that captured our surprise proposal. We became so close with them they came up from Chicago to photograph our wedding. Jake told me there was one other surprise. As Corlis and Megan were snapping pictures, Jake handed me an envelope and when I opened it I got the surprise of a lifetime. It was a fake wedding invitation for us at Thornberry Creek for August 10, 2013. He already booked the venue knowing that’s where I always wanted my wedding! So that’s a little glimpse at our love story. Our wedding day was spectacular and I felt like a princess, but every day I am married to this man he treats me like his queen. I’m truly living a fairy tail. Just usually in sweats nowadays 🙂

The proposal captured by Gray Photography in Millennium Park! It is absolutely one of the sweetest videos. 




what is xoBeautiful | see all xoBeautiful project posts

I will be revealing the story of each of these incredible women over the coming weeks. I invite you to come along on the journey, and find your own xoBeautiful with me.

I absolutely fell in love with this style of session, and will definitely be adding this to my session line up soon.

In the mean time, if you would be interested in taking part in an xoBeautiful session in the future, please fill out the information below – you’ll get an early bird discount! Or maybe you know someone who deserves to sparkle? You can nominate them through this form as well:

Venues : Door County Waterfront Homes  | Flowers: Blossoms of Door County | Wedding Dress: Elaine’s Wedding Center, Green Bay, WI | Dress Designer: Mori Lee | Accessories: Sunshine Couture

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