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Kalyn | xoBeautiful project | Wedding Photographers Door County Wisconsin

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I’m excited to introduce Kalyn, our tenth xoBeautiful project reveal. Kalyn was photographed at one of the most gorgeous Egg Harbor Wedding venues. 7501 Mariner Road – One of the most Luxurious Door County Waterfront Homes. A dream location for wedding photographers Door County Wisconsin.


Kalyn’s Story in her words why she wanted to be involved in the xoBeautiful project:

I applied because I thought it would be fun to do a no stress session in my wedding dress. No chaos, just fun! Also, just to be around Jen and do something with her is so much fun. I felt so special working with her the day of our wedding day.


As you may remember from my first post, I mentioned that I had loved ones fill out a fun survey about each lady. Kalyn’s mother filled this one out for her.

Describe her in 4 words or less: Beautiful,unique,excitable & kind.
Why do you feel she needs this day to feel beautiful and be a model for the day? Kalyn has had struggles in her life and deserves a day just for her.
When were you most proud of her? When she took on the role of motherhood and knew she would probably be on her own .
Does she have any hidden talents/funny personality traits? Kalyn can sing, but like her Dad in the car or bar she’s at her best.
What makes her special? Kind, witty, honest, excitable, loving, protective and loyal
What do you wish for her in life? Just to have peace and know she’s a good wife and mom .
What is her dream job? Working for Dale Jr.
Does she have any nicknames? Millie
Describe a funny memory or moment about her. When she was little it was a big deal to be in the truck standing on the seat arm around her dad’s neck & singing one of her favorites. Little Deuce Coupe (by the Beach Boys) she would sing “little loose tooth” and Bette Davis Eyes which is still one of her favorite songs.
If she could spend a day with any actor/actress for the day who would it be and why? It would be race car driver Dale Jr.
If she could spend a day with any band/musical artist who would it be and why? I’m stumped on that. She was raised on Elvis, Moody Blues & Neil Diamond. I’ll go with Bon Jovi !




And of course, I wanted to hear details from her wedding day! 

That beautiful day so long ago in September 2014!! Such a wonderful, fun day. The church in Little Suamico was our family’s church and it meant a lot being married there. The wedding reception was held at the Rock Garden in Green Bay Wisconsin.



what is xoBeautiful | see all xoBeautiful project posts

I will be revealing the story of each of these incredible women over the coming weeks. I invite you to come along on the journey, and find your own xoBeautiful with me.

I absolutely fell in love with this style of session, and will definitely be adding this to my session line up soon.

In the mean time, if you would be interested in taking part in an xoBeautiful session in the future, please fill out the information below – you’ll get an early bird discount! Or maybe you know someone who deserves to sparkle? You can nominate them through this form as well:

Venues : Door County Waterfront Homes | Flowers: Blossoms of Door County | Wedding Dress: David’s Bridal

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