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Jessie & Andrew | Menominee Michigan Engagement Pictures


Their story told by Jessie: Andrew and I met seven years ago while I was visiting my grandparents in Alabama. Two years later we really got to know each other when I spent the summer working in Alabama. He and his family went to the same church my grandparents did, so I spent a lot of time with him and his family during that time. We kept in contact via texting and facebook, and every time I would be down for a visit, I’d let him know and we would all get together. About two years ago we were talking, and he told me he liked me a lot and wanted to go out with me next time I was down to visit. We went out a few times when I was down there, and talked a lot during that time.

Fast forward to March, when Andrew flew me down to visit. The plan was that he was going to fly back to Wisconsin with me, ask my dad’s permission, and propose at some point during that time. The second day I was there, he had to work, but he told me he had a “gig” at a really nice restaurant, so I got dressed up that afternoon to go with him. We got there and were seated, but there was no one else in the restaurant. He decided that after we ordered, he needed to tune his guitar and warm up. He sat down, tuned, and started playing “Marry Me” by Train. He sang to me, and afterwards pulled the ring out of his guitar case, knelt down on one knee, and asked me to marry him. I said yes, of course, and now we’re getting married in September!

Ok, this is Jen here!! Can I just say that is my dream proposal. How sweet is he?? Really!! So now after meeting the two of them I truly had butterflies in my stomach. They are so perfectly similar. They both have a huge heart working with children as well their love of reading. Harry Potter and Star Wars being the favorites.


Our first stop was Bookworld in Marinette. The woman working was so kind in letting us have fun with these two book lovers. They above image was my fun little challenge. They had to close their eyes, spin in circles, stop, point and grab the first book they see!


Strolling through the streets on Downtown Menominee, Michigan. menominee-michigan-engagement-pictures

See, Andrew he was frozen. Literally frozen. He was such a sport about it.  I believe it was under 30 degrees that day. A stark contrast to the warm temps in Alabama. menominee-michigan-engagement-picturesmenominee-michigan-engagement-picturesmenominee-michigan-engagement-pictures


Gorgeous scenery at Red Arrow Park, Marinette. menominee-michigan-engagement-pictures

During all of my sessions I tell my clients they will be going on a road trip. This is my way of exploring aimlessly for beautiful light. I could not have asked for anything more. A parking lot. Yes, a parking lot. It is not what is plain to see it is the light that wraps them. menominee-michigan-engagement-pictures

The way he makes her smile. menominee-michigan-engagement-pictures

Making our way through Peshtigo I found these sun-kissed fields. Are they not adorable together. menominee-michigan-engagement-picturesmenominee-michigan-engagement-picturesmenominee-michigan-engagement-pictures

A few words from Jessie about the session:

The engagement session was a lot of fun. I felt like it involved a lot of Andrew’s and my personality, and the few pictures I’ve seen have been beautiful. It didn’t feel like we were having a photo shoot, but that it was a fun afternoon out, and the photos were an added bonus. The poses were fun and not awkward and it was a beautiful day for a shoot, just a little chilly. You’re a phenomenal photographer and it was a lot of fun spending time with you!

Be sure to check out their full session HERE!!

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