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Jen | xoBeautiful project | Fond du Lac Wedding Venues

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I’m excited to introduce Jen, our sixth xoBeautiful project reveal. Jen was photographed at the a unique Fond du Lac Wedding Venues, The Galloway House.


Jen’s Story

Ross and I planned to be married October 4, 2013 at Olde 41, in Green Bay Wisconsin. I say suppose to because we had to cancel our wedding. Ross’ mom Barb, ended up getting extremely ill, an infection so bad that it had taken over her body and made her artificial knee replacements their “home base”. It was an extremely worrisome, confusing, and frustrating. It was an emotional roller coaster not knowing the outcome. While the doctors were hopeful and confident you can never be sure. Our wedding date was quickly approaching (within 5 months) and Barbs first surgery was planned. We talked with doctors, surgeons, nurses, and physical therapist, and while they were optimistic, nothing was a guarantee. Best case scenario she would be at the wedding but in a wheel chair, having to miss her mother/son dance. I could never expect myself to have a wedding with the possibility of my own mother not being there or not having her be able to dance. So I sure couldn’t expect or ask my future husband to do that either. So I took it upon myself and contacted everybody that was involved in the wedding and postponed it.

Fast forward to now, it took just about a year for Barb to finally make it back home, it was a long process but she’s HOME! I still have my beautiful Vera Wang dress from David’s Bridal.

I applied because even though I didn’t get to wear my dress in 2013, it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t still love to dress up. It’s every girls dream to have that hair and makeup done and made feel like the are the center of attention like a queen. Being a mom of two boys, I don’t always get that. So I thought this would be a great opportunity for me to play dress up, have fun, and give me a look into what my wedding would have been.


As you may remember from my first post, I mentioned that I had loved ones fill out a fun survey about each lady. Amber’s Husband, Ben filled this one out for her.

Describe her in 4 words or less: Beautiful Loving Baby Mama

Why do you feel she needs this day to feel beautiful and be a model for the day? She’s so busy being a great mother and working to support her family she never has time for herself.

When were you most proud of her? I’d say I was most proud of her either when she went through so much to have our beautiful children and not so much proud but amazed that she wanted to take my hand in marriage and said yes.

What makes her special? Well everything about her makes her special from her great personality to her sexy body and selfless acts of kindness always looking out for others.

What is her dream job? Sleepologist
If she could spend a day with any actor/actress for the day who would it be and why? Jax Teller from Sons of Anarchy because he is the sexiest human ever she loves him.


what is xoBeautiful | see all xoBeautiful project posts

I absolutely fell in love with this style of session, and will definitely be adding this to my session line up soon.

In the mean time, if you would be interested in taking part in an xoBeautiful session in the future, please fill out the information below – you’ll get an early bird discount! Or maybe you know someone who deserves to sparkle? You can nominate them through this form as well:

Venues : The Galloway House, Fond du Lac, WI | Hair Accessories: Sunshine Couture | Vintage Accessories: Thrifty Treasures, Peshtigo, Wisconsin | Wedding Dress: David’s Bridal Green Bay

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