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xoBeautiful project

When I launched the xoBeautiful sessions, many people had questions about what this all was, why I wanted to do this, and why it was so important. When things are so deeply in our own hearts, sometimes it’s hard to express fully the right answers to these questions. Today, as I share some of the first images from the sessions, I will try my best to explain.

I’ve done Pay it Forward sessions for a long time, and xoBeautiful is simply a new facet of something I’ve always done. Through the applications, I learned the stories of these strong, incredible women, and they inspired me. The goal was to empower women to claim their own beauty and strength … and of course, very few things make us feel as beautiful as our wedding dress. It all clicked.

Through these sessions, their stories are told. Some of them are painful, some of them are beautiful, and all of them are powerful and proud – and they should be. It’s been an honor to be involved in this project, and I’m sure you’ll see why. What you’ll see is not just where they’ve come from, but who they’ve chosen themselves to be now.

Many people are curious about the sessions themselves. My team focuses on pampering and honoring each woman throughout their session – seeing the glow they have and hearing how they felt like movie stars or royalty brings it all home. This is why these sessions are so important.

One of my favorite parts of the xoBeautiful is when I get to read the things their family member has written about them (we send this out before the session and family members prepare something and send it back to us). They suddenly see themselves through the eyes and hearts of the ones they love. There is something innately powerful about the words they hear.

To put it simply, the xoBeautiful sessions are all about showing women how beautiful they are and how amazing their story has made them. No matter how broken, forgotten, tainted or incredible their story is, this session allows them to rewrite parts of their story, on their own terms, and find their personal sparkle.





I will be revealing the story of each of these incredible women over the coming weeks. I invite you to come along on the journey, and find your own xoBeautiful with me.

I absolutely fell in love with this style of session, and will definitely be adding this to my session line up soon.

In the mean time, if you would be interested in taking part in an xoBeautiful session in the future, please fill out the information below – you’ll get an early bird discount! Or maybe you know someone who deserves to sparkle? You can nominate them through this form as well:

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View the latest featured xoBeautiful sessions below:

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