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Wisconsin Barn Wedding Photographer | Laura & Tyler

On September 27 2014, we were honored to be a part of Laura & Tyler’s wedding. This couple’s love story is just super cute, but as you all know,  some love stories are best told first hand. All the sweet tidbits are from Laura herself:

How it all began …

Tyler and I were high school sweethearts and it was pretty much love at first sight! We were best friends and did a lot together and eventually we became boyfriend and girlfriend and the fairytale never ended! Our first date was simple and sweet and something that I will always remember. I think every time we had a date was my favorite, we were crazy about each other and each date made us closer together. Our first kiss was in my car at his house in the driveway, nothing special, but that’s a first you never forget 🙂

When it got good…

Tyler and I have a pretty special relationship… when we first started dating we both promised that the most important thing to us was to always love God more than each other and always have him be the center of our relationship. We both saved ourselves for each other and I think thats what makes our relationship very different but yet so so special! Some of the best memories we have had together were the times we laughed until we almost peed, the times we supported each other through some of our toughest moments, and the times that we never let go of the love we had when situations could of tore us apart… those were the memories that made our relationship what it is today. I think we both realized at the beginning that we had something special but it was about 2 years when we both gave each other promise rings and we knew that it was forever. Tyler was the one who said those three little words first.

… more below, but enjoy a few of the photos from their day first!


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When it became forever…

Tyler popped the question and it was truly a fairytale moment! I have a love for horses and I always loved it when he went riding with me. So when day instead of begging him to ride with me, he asked me if we could go riding together, and I was beyond excited just because of that! We rode for about an hour and we started to ride up over a hill as the sun was going down. As we got on top of the hill I noticed there was blankets surrounded by lit tiki torches and candles with a campfire and there was a huge bouquet of flowers with a picnic basket. At that point I was overwhelmed with joy and I just thought we were checking something off my bucket list, because that was a thing that was on my list. So we had some wine and ate our little meal and sat by the fire. I then turned to look at my horses and as I turned back around the man of dreams was on one knee asking me to marry him. I began to cry and when I saw the ring and the love that was coming from his heart I of course said YES, and couldn’t be happier that I did! Then we rode off into the sunset (literally) and met my family back at the house.

read on to hear what inspired her vision and her favorite memory of the day!

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What inspired your wedding day vision?

I am more of a country girl, live on a farm and love horses so that led me to the more rustic country theme of my wedding, and of course Pinterest encouraged it even more!
What do you like to spend time doing together? We enjoy just spending time together. I mean we don’t really have to be doing anything special at all, just the presence of each other brings joy to our lives. We both love sports so we do play a lot of sports together but we love to try new things and pretty much do anything!

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What is your favorite memory from your wedding day?

Oh my goodness, my favorite wedding day memory was when Tyler sang to me! It was a song I mentioned to him years ago that I thought meant something about who we were and our relationship and then he sang that to me on our wedding day as a surprise!! Tyler also loved that part of our day and we both felt it was a very very special moment! (that’s the picture of it happening, right above this!)


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More to come later – just wanted to give you all a sneak peek of this beautiful Wisconsin Barn Wedding


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