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Pay it Forward Wisconsin Photographer

Thank you Stephanie for opening your house and heart. I truly enjoyed capturing the incredible bond between mother and son. Not to mention I will forever smile thinking about how Bennett is such a flirt at only 6 years old. xoxo

Bennett’s Story told by his wonderful Mommy, Stephanie.

He has a smile that lights up the room and a wonderful personality. For a child that has never spoken a word, he sure has taught me what life is about…there was a reason I got pregnant with my little sweetie, he wanted ME to be his mom. And for that, I’m forever grateful.

Scroll down to read more about Bennett’s story. As well, if you know someone who would be a great candidate for a Pay it Forward photography session in Wisconsin. Please nominate them HERE

Do you believe in miracles??? I do…Bennett is one of them, and I’m sure your asking why?? A little over 7years ago I became pregnant with him (beating the birth control pill). A few weeks later I became very ill and was hospitalized. After being in the hospital for 7days, I received test results that COMPLETELY changed my life. The answer I got knocked my socks off…Cytomegalovirus, and on a pregnant woman it’s very harmful to an unborn child. The virus attacks the fetus and causes lots of neurological damage. It was a very long pregnancy with lots of emotions that I had to encounter. Finally at 37weeks and by emergency c-section I delivered Bennett. When he let out his first cry, it was music to my ears. I honestly didn’t think I was ever going to hear that sound. Bennett is now 6 yrs old and has a lot of special needs although is the light of my life and I believe there is a reason he is here today.
For more information on CMV and to become educated on how you can protect another pregnant women from contracting this virus….please visit, www.cmvfoundation.org This virus is ONLY harmful to the pregnant woman!!!! Please read and educate yourself and others and encourage your Dr to test you if you become pregnant. Thank you

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