I am so very gracious to the clients who have came in my life throughout the years. Many, I am proud to say, have became good friends. Thank you to those who shared kind words. xoxo Jen


  • I look at these photos and I think “Ooooo”! This is my favorite! No, this one. Wait, this one! What stuns me is how some of the pictures evoke such an overwhelming, in depth feeling that evokes so much emotion. You did an outstanding job capturing every little detail. Dawn, Mother of the Bride


  • I have tears streaming down my face as I type this. Thank you, Jen Gannigan, from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful pictures of our daughter, Everleigh. Jen is a phenomenal photographer and a dear friend. She has been an amazing presence in every important aspect in our lives. So important in fact, that when planning our wedding, we confirmed her availability before setting a date with the church or venue. She photographed our engagement pictures, our wedding, and our families. She was the first person, besides our doctor, to know that we were expecting a girl; when she photographed our gender reveal photos. And after a not so easy pregnancy, a pretty terrifying delivery, and a long road in the NICU, Jen captured what I believe to be her most beautiful photos to date: our sweet daughter. Life is never what you expect it to be, becoming a mom has taught me that much. But I do know that we are lucky to have an amazing friend to be there along the way. Thank you, Jen. You never miss a moment. And although you are a truly talented photographer, please know that you are an even better friend. For that, I am forever grateful. Ellie


  • The whole experience was breathtaking.. watching Jen make the whole world of each woman that much brighter. Sometimes in life you lose faith that there is good in this world and then you are reminded that the good still lives inside ones like her. Thank you from my whole heart for choosing me. Courtney


  • I meant to tell you that during the wedding planning process the only fight we had was over the photographer. He wanted someone cheap and didn’t understand why it was such a big deal. Now, he has said at least 15 times how glad he is that we had you. I’m pretty sure he’s your new #1 fan! Kate


  • Thanks Jen! These are amazing! I can’t believe how nice they are. You did a remarkable job. I can’t say enough. This is such a nice way to show all my friends and family without having to be with them. Gushing!!
    Thank you kindly, Anne-Marie
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